1 YEAR ago I decided to fulfill my passion...

Updated: Feb 13, 2021

In February 2020, I booked some studio time with a local engineer in Phoenix, AZ. We began recording a song I wrote called "Crucify." I chose to start with this song, mostly, because I knew it word for word as I wrote it in 2013. Secondly, although not intentional, the lyrics of the song effortlessly defines me as an artist, a man, and a person overall. This song sets the tone for what is to come and my overall mission - leading people to freedom. Freedom from anything that restricts growth and hinders progression - mind, body, and soul.

I believe that type of freedom is only discovered when you are fulfilling your passion. For me, those are the times I feel the closest to God (or the god in me). During the quarantine, in early 2020, I started writing and arranging songs to fill idle time. It was after doing this more that I began to carefully examine other areas in my life - particularly - those that would prevent me from fulfilling my passion. My health was the first thing I took notice of. After 3 months of quarantine, I gained countless pounds and horrible habits. I made a commitment to myself to change and focus on my health.

I took up cycling, limited my diet to foods that benefit my health situation, fasted, prayed and meditated daily, which ultimately allowed me to lose over 55 pounds. That accomplishment put a hunger in me like never before. Accompanied by the extended time working from home - I took complete advantage of a horrible situation. I looked at it as if the world had stopped just for me and I took the opportunity and ran with it. Game on!

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